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Why does every business require a mobile app?

The mobile phone Apps have altered the definition of everyday human activity. Why not? It has become an important part of our lives. Almost everything we do is done with the assistance of an app. Mobile apps have connected the world. In this highly technological era, kookyinfomedia can assist you in developing some excellent mobile applications for your business and start-ups. We are the leading custom mobile app development company, providing high-quality apps all over the world.

We have a team of top mobile app developers who are highly skilled and up to date on the latest technological trends. Our team collaborates with global corporations to transform well-known concepts into visually appealing and inventive mobile apps. We have extensive production experience and creativity.

We provide these services which you need to give your business a competitive edge.

What are the benefits of having a mobile app for a business?

In today's world, having a mobile app is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive. A mobile app can help businesses reach out to their customers and build a stronger relationship with them. It can also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to better understand their target audience. Furthermore, a mobile app can help businesses increase sales by providing customers with an easy and convenient way to purchase products or services from the comfort of their own home. Finally, having a mobile app can also help businesses save time and money by automating processes such as customer service, order fulfillment, and marketing campaigns.

What features should be included in a business mobile application?

Mobile applications are becoming an essential part of any business. They provide customers with a convenient way to interact with your business and access services. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your mobile application has the right features that will make it easy for users to use and navigate.

When designing a mobile application for your business, there are certain features you should consider including in order to provide a seamless experience for the user. These include easy navigation, user-friendly design, secure payment options, notifications, integration with other platforms and analytics tools. With these features in place, you can make sure that your mobile application is optimized for success.

Real stories. Real results.

Cameron West De Larta De Larta
Kooky Infomedia (P) Ltd. gave us a good price for their services..

Sarah Yousef

Wilco van Duinkerken - Candid Connection App Candid Connection App Candid Connection App
They have great design expertise and the technical ability to bring those designs to life.

Chiraag Mutreja

Delivery Manager
Rentee App Rentee App Rentee App
They work very quickly. Even when we had to change something, they were able to do so.

Shakir Carr

Bobby Lilaram - Forverve Forverve Forverve
Their team lives to help others and their customer service is second to none.

Bobby Lilaram

Linda Farr - Interloop Interloop Interloop
They kept the communication process up to mark, we were being aware of what's going on in real-time.

Vidushi Goel

Tommy Sugishita - Ranking Carolina North Mada
North Mada Street
They always went the extra mile just to finish the project." North Mada Street


Alisha Dunsford - Studio Marche Top Notch
House Cleaner
Top Notch House Cleaner
Their team gave us suggestions on how to make our website more interesting within our budget.

Tejni Amin

Chani Thompson - The HSE Gaming
Gear Shop
Gaming Gear Shop
I don't know where these guys came from... but they are some of the best designers and coders I've ever come across. Being a website reviewer, I've seen a lot of websites, but I was and continue to be blown away by the ingenuity, dedication and excellence produced at Kooky Infomedia. The rates are very good value, leaving me feeling like a winner. I can recommend Kooky Infomedia whole heartedly and without reservation. Hire them you won't regret it!

Joshua Forbes

Russell Cullingworth - Prodio Prodio Prodio

Russell Cullingworth

Emma Lynch - BBD Boom BBD Boom BBD Boom
They provided us with a level of professionalism and individualised service that is unmatched by any other business. They are real partners!

Hecter Bell

Founder & Head of Client Success
Joshua Chaires - Phantom Phantom Phantom

Joshua Chaires


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build apps for both iOS and Android?

Yes, most of the apps we make support both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It’s common for people to want their applications to work across web and mobile devices, so we use development frameworks such as React and React native that enable us to support both platforms quickly.

Can I make changes to my app or website after its launched?

Yes, we recommend you launch the simplest possible version of your tech first (called your Minimum Viable Product) and then extend and adapt it over time. And, the development frameworks we use allow for incremental changes and improvements.

Some changes are bolt-ons, meaning they will probably cost the same to implement now rather than later. For example, if you want to add a new distinct section to your app, then the code and functionality might be stand-alone.

However, other changes can require rework. For example, if you require a very specific relationship to the way user accounts are owned by company accounts, and then change that later. As roles and user account functions touch every element of your app, they are much more likely to carry rework costs to change.

When we plan your project with you please let us know what what you'd like to launch for your first version, and where you'd like to take your tech over time. If we know what features you'd like to implement in future releases then we can take steps in our software design to minimise rework risk. For example, we might structure the first database design to account for future features now, rather than have to change the established database design later.

Are you able to work with our existing technical / design / marketing team?

Yes, we specialise in highly bespoke projects, and it is common for us to work with existing systems and teams.

When working closely with other suppliers that are relevant to your business, we aim to build a strong collaborative relationship with a focus on cooperation and support for all of those involved.

If these stakeholders are crucial to the success of the project, then we would recommend arranging a call or meeting with them early on to explore their ideas and identify how to work around any potential environmental limitations.

We already have designs, can you work with those?

Probably, yes. We prefer to follow our own design process if possible, as it allows us to deliver the best quality and consistency, but we can be flexible with this.

If your designs are strong and we are confident they will be effective, then yes, we will be able to work with them. If, however, they do not meet our high standards, then we will be honest and recommend that we create the designs for you instead.

Do I need to test my app or website?

Yes, we will need your support with testing the project, please.

We have processes for testing and quality assurance, but the way that we think and use your app, is different to how you will. You defined the project, and you know what you want better than anyone, so you’ll probably use and interact with what we’ve built in ways that we couldn’t have predicted.

Even if everything works 100% perfectly when we hand it over to you, you will need to check that everything works as expected to sign-off on the work with confidence that we've delivered the project to meet your specification.

Testing and achieving sign-off will require some time investment at the end of a project, and potentially at intervals across the life of the project too – So make sure that you set aside some time in your diary for when it’s needed.