How to choose right people for your digital product development - Freelancer VS Company

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Are you new in the digital industry and want to build a product?

Do you know the PROs and CONs of working with Freelancer and a Company?

Well, this article will help you to give answers to the above questions.


Nowadays there is a trend of work from home. But is this really fruitful to you and your digital product? The answer to the first is Yes, it is the work you choose to do from your own home in your own comfort zone so it is worthy for you. Coming to the other side that is for the company,
Well to get know this keep reading.


There are a few points you should check while finding the right developer for your needs:

Every coin has two sides similarly hiring a freelancer and hiring a professional team (company) have its own pros and cons. Let’s begin with these and then decide which one should go for.

Greenside for hiring a Freelancer:

  • Cheaper rate: Indeed the payment of a well-established company is way more than paying an individual for his skills. While hiring a freelancer we need not pay for the other expenditures such as travel, food, accommodation as he enjoys his work while sitting at home.

  • Highly Skills in one domain: While hiring a freelancer we can apply a precise filter which will result in highly skilled and experienced freelancers list. This ensures that the work will be completed by someone who is having the expert knowledge of that particular domain.

  • Flexible in time: This quality of freelancers helps a client when they are in need of an immediate response to their demands. Freelancers can work well with the off hours also. Either by doing the overtime or by dividing the tasks into slots it is their choice to complete the task on time.

  • Low Legality: while assigning a task to a freelancer requires only a digital sign on the letter. It doesn't require a lot of formalities to be completed while assigning the work.

    Now consider the other side of the grass:

  • Availability: Hiring a freelancer when you need is itself a big task. Mostly, the freelancers work on multiple projects at the same time and that makes them super busy to keep them available if you have any change request or want to extend the task.
  • Lack of Trust: As the freelancer is new to the client, there is no trust among them. On the client side, there is always a fear that what if the work will not be completed on time? And on the freelancer side, the fear is what if He/ she will not get paid for the work?

  • Lack of quality: The freelancers work in multiple projects and they rarely get the time to upgrade their skills or they don't have other members to get instant help and that reduces the quality. Also, Their lack of organization-specific knowledge possesses a challenge here.

  • Dependability: There is no guarantee that the same freelancer can complete the other aspects of the projects as well. All it will need to look up for the freelancers again and again and you might have to hire multiple freelancers for the same technology as per their experiences.

  • Confidentiality: since there is not as the precise legal contract signed, there are chances that your information is not secure or might get leaked.

  • No post launching support: Once the work is done and they get paid for it they are no longer available for showing some support in case of any failure or technical issue.

Now take the scenario when you have hired a company for your product:

Looking first on the positive aspects we can predict the following:

  • Support and maintenance: companies are always available after the completion of the assigned tasks in an extension to support their clients.

  • Collection of expertise: ‘Visit one place and get all the solutions’ it’s like a Super Mall where you can get everything for sure but not necessarily mean that everything will be the best. In some cases, the company has it’s expertise while in the others not so.

  • Quality Assurance: It is a rare case that team compromise on quality due to maintaining their reputation and the contract signed. Companies have their separate team of Quality Assurance to take care of the quality.

  • Responsiveness: Having multiple people, they have managers and other teammates who can respond and update you while other people work on the projects. This really establishes a trust factor while working on any project.

  • Up to date with current technologies: As companies have funds enough to update themselves with the latest technologies, this helps them to provide the best version of the product to the client.

Now there are a few cons of hiring the company:

  • High Cost: As mentioned earlier, the fees for hiring the company is far more than hiring a company. As it includes providing the latest technology, contracts, organized team, tools, and a working environment.

  • Internal Disputes: In rare cases, due to miss-communication or the internal disputes of the team can directly affect the quality of the product or can result in missing in meeting the deadlines.

While keeping the above points in mind, and matching them with the requirements, budget, time duration available one can surely predict that he or she needs to hire the freelancer or a company for their product.

I am sure, this article will give clarity to make a decision while hiring the right people for your digital product.