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finishing something is satisfying. I was working on an informative website for last 6 days in which i designed the it in html, css, js and created admin panel and backend in codeigniter 3(very first project in codeigniter). it was a fun sprint of work, Learned a lot of new things which are stated below.

1. Writing Commented Code - Writing well commented code is the key, it helps to break down the process into smaller steps which can help in shaping the logic and also helps others go down to your code and understand.

2. Staying in the framework - it means use the libraries and helper function.

3. database - create tables that follows same model pattern for statuses of records, CRUD operations and relational approach is the key.

4. Unit testing.

5. use the global declarations for repeating values and constants.

6. don't reinvent the wheel - search for a library or solution on community forums.

7. boilerplate - create some chunk of codes that can be plugged in any class or function to use it later or in other parts of the software. and at last.

8. Drink more and more caffeine.