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Who We Are

Kooky is an independent development & design agency. Since 2014 we have worked over various disciplines including product and brand identities, websites, e-commerce solutions, web and mobile applications, and game development.

We exist for one reason: our work. Since we started, our goal has never changed, and we continue to create world-class digital products with innovative designs that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our experienced and talented team of designers and programmers deliver creative, original, and intelligent solutions to every project.

The Kooky Process

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The Origin Story

Ravindra Prajapati and Gulshan Solanki started off developing games based on their own ideas. When they weren’t getting any satisfaction from their game development company, the duo struck out on their own. In 2013 they formed a two-person team. Ravindra focused on creative art, and Gulshan created customized code for iOS. Fortunately, they received an offer to collaborate on a video game with a large client which helped them bring more people to the team. That moment pretty much shaped their path.

In 2014-15, they formed a private limited company with several creative artists and enthusiastic developers. With a solid team backing them, they gained good exposure with many startups and entrepreneurs in the international market. That experience and exposure with startups sparked the idea to put their personal interests together to help other people in their MVPs and create successful and outstanding products. Now, the Kooky team has grown, and they’ve partnered with more than 5 companies across the world who are still counting their successes.

Meet the Core Team

See the minds behind the design.

  • Founder, CEO
    Founder, CEO

    Ravindra Prajapati

    Judit Torma - Head of Data

    A team player with know how to work with people and brings best out of them. Ability to listen and understand people needs allows him to consult effectively.

    UX/UI Designing, Prototyping, 2D Art, Client communication, QA
  • Co. Founder CTO
    Co. Founder CTO

    Gulshan Solanki

    Szabolcs Bobor - Head of Development

    Coding & debugging is in his blood. With 5 yrs of experience, He is an excellent professional and always brings smart solutions.

    Front-end and back-end development, architectural planning, quality assurance, maintenance
  • Business Manager, London
    Business Manager, London

    Arpita Jain

    Molnár Edina - Head of Media

    Absolute professional and knows her field throughout in depth. She is also extraordinary helpful and very swift person to deal with.

    Business development, Lead generation, Client relationship.
  • Business partner,      USA
    Business partner, USA

    John Stanley

    Marosi Gergő - Creative Director

    18+ yrs of experience in IT profession, He has a sense of business and trend in the market for business growth.

    SAP, Business Strategy, Business Planning.
  • Business Partner,      AUS
    Business Partner, AUS

    Joshua Forbes

    Noémi Herczeg - Head of Client Services

    Charming person. He works on several projects at a single time and always available for consultation and mentorship in IT Industry since 7 yrs.

    Business Planning, Communication, Media.
  • Mean Stack Dev.
    Mean Stack Dev.

    Pushpendra Singh

    Zita Buják - Head of SEM & Analytics

    Calm and hard work while working is his specialty. Wide range of development knowledge with 4+ yrs experience makes him a one-man army.

    Mean-stack Development, Security.
  • Developer

    Narendra Pal Singh

    Ferenczi Bálint - Head of UX Design

    Variety of development and eager to grab new technologies. Always ready for new challenges and performing 200%.

    Front-end and back-end Development.
  • Database Developer
    Database Developer

    Gaurav Mewara

    Gaurav Mewara - Database Developer

    Code nerd but Saint personality in development. Performs dedicatedly the entire task with keen eye in handling database and architecture.

    Database Development and Architecture design.
  • Creative Designer
    Creative Designer

    Rahul Purohit

    Jutasi Gábor - Head of Art

    Creativity and efforts are two wings of every artist and He has got more than this. Multiple art skills and commitments keep him separate from other artists.

    Graphic Design & Motion graphics.

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